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The Art of Recklessness Chapter 2 
27th-Sep-2012 11:54 pm
Title: The Art of Recklessness Chapter 2
Genre: Angst (lots of angst), Drama, Romance
Author: Undertheblu
Pairings: JaeHo, JaeChun, JaeSlut
Rating: R
Length: Chaptered
Warnings: Language, Sex, Abuse
Summary: Yunho and Yoochun’s father remarried and now their welcoming his new wife and their new step-brother into their home. Suddenly having a new sibling is never easy, especially having to live with such a messed up brat like Jaejoong. Neither can stand his rebellious nature but neither can they resist his intoxicating character. As their relationships with Jaejoong develop, the come to realize why he behaves the way he does. With their new family members they also inherit the family secrets. 

Read Chapter 2 Here: http://undertheblu.livejournal.com/5602.html

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